About Us

Majestic Textiles ltd started in 1996 out of frustration ‎in the search to find beautiful and different fabrics. This pushed her to create a company producing organic ‘peace’ silks. This type of silk was rarely heard of, making it very difficult to promote. Majestic Textiles brought new ideas and fabrics to the textile industry. It was doing something new: it was offering its customers the chance to purchase something unique. The company stocks fabrics in their natural, boiled off (BO) state. These plain silks are then used as canvasses, upon which unique hand-painted or embroidered designs are created according to the wishes of the individual customer. The company purchased a field in Hertfordshire, UK, in 2011 to grow Mulberry trees. Leaves from these organically grown trees are used to feed the silkworms, which then provide the organic silk cocoons. Our trees from which our silk worms are feed fresh leaves daily are monitored and certified as organic by the Soil Association our licence number AB21124.


Organic silk has the most wonderful luxurious feel, and can be used in all types of clothing. Majestic Textiles does not use any detergents or bleaches, or feed its silkworms with hormone enhancements, as is common practice amongst many producers. The silkworms are allowed a full life circle, which gives the silk ‘Peace Silk’ status. This is the ethical process of allowing the silkworms to live a complete lifecycle. The silk cocoons are not taken until the metamorphosis is complete and the moth breaks free. The silkworms need 14 days in their cocoon feeding off the silk inside. This means only half as much silk is left at the end of the process, which is the main reason most silk producers bypass the ethics and kill the silkworms as soon as they cocoon. Majestic Textiles’ commitment to its silkworms is the reason we were awarded ‘Peace Silk’ status. Once the moth has broken free, it spends four days mating, before laying its eggs, and dying.


‘our process is difficult, but it’s a labour of love. This is what makes our silk unique’. The silk is produced in the UK and distributed globally.